Petrol car ban must lead to Scottish Government action say Greens

The Scottish Greens are calling on the Scottish Government to spell out what it will do to tackle pollution over the next two decades after the UK government announced a ban on the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2040.

While the Greens have welcomed the move, the party’s transport spokesperson John Finnie says the Scottish Government should not go at Westminster’s pace on tackling pollution and improving health and instead show “real vision” for a “carbon free future”.

Finnie, a Highlands and Islands MSP, said:

“A ban by 2040 is welcome, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough or fast enough and it’s a shame the UK government has decided to go at the same pace as France and others rather than taking a lead. Nevertheless, fumes from cars and lorries are ending thousands of lives prematurely each year, and it's therefore encouraging that the UK government is finally moving to protect people's health and boost a key green industry.

“The focus will now be on the Scottish Government who must decide if they will allow Westminster to set the pace, or if they are to be bold and show real vision for a carbon free future. It’s not enough to say they’ll take care of pollution and people’s health in 23 years’ time, we need ministers and councils to put plans in place now to tackle engine idling and improve car sharing. Introducing a 20 mph default speed limit in urban areas is one way the Scottish Government can prove its willingness to act.”