Safer Streets

20mph speed limits reduce traffic speed making our streets safer, healthier and cleaner in areas where we live, work and play.

Reducing speed cuts accidents and saves lives, while encouraging walking and cycling and lowering air pollution.

However there is currently an incomplete patchwork of 20mph zones across Scotland as the process for creating discrete 20mph zones remains costly and time-consuming for councils.

Councils could keep some streets with higher speed limits in consultation with communities, but these would be the exception rather than the rule.

Mark Ruskell MSP has completed a consultation on a Members Bill to change the default speed limit in built up areas across Scotland from 30mph to 20mph. The Bill will be presented to parliament in 2018 but it needs the support of as many MSPs as possible.

Write to your MSPs and ask them to support Mark's Bill to create safer streets. You can contact them here.



The consultation is now closed.

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