People, planet and independence will be Green priorities for 2023

With the Scottish Parliament set to sit again from tomorrow, the Scottish Greens will be focused on people, planet and independence. 

The party’s co-leader, Lorna Slater, has said that 2023 will be a key year in our transition to a better and more sustainable future.

Scottish Green Co-leader, Lorna Slater MSP, said:

“2023 will be a crucial year for Scotland, and for our planet. It must be a year of environmental renewal and a recovery that works for ordinary people.

“Last year we led the change. With Scottish Greens in government we delivered a 150% increase in the Scottish Child Payment to help vulnerable families through the worst cost crisis for generations, an end to permission for new incinerators, record investment in wildlife and nature and free bus travel for everyone under 22.

“In the months ahead we will build on these successes, deliver for people and planet and continue our transition to a better and more sustainable future.

"In my Ministerial role that will include the next steps for our ground breaking Biodiversity strategy and the delivery of the Deposit Return Scheme. These are the kind of changes that will leave a legacy Scotland can be proud of.

“With the powers of an independent country we could do even more. 

“Whether it is removing nuclear weapons from our waters, ending the climate destroying oil and gas drilling in the North Sea or rejoining the European Union, these are the big changes that can only be made with independence. 

"That is why we will do everything we can to deliver a free and fair referendum on Scotland’s future.

“The reality is that we are being held back by a cruel and incompetent Tory government in Westminster. With three Prime Ministers in 2022 alone, it is clear that we cannot afford another 12 months of Tory chaos. 

“By focusing on people, planet and independence, we will build a fairer, greener recovery.”