Wed 30 Aug, 2017

... it’s about as far away from deprived communities who need local facilities as you can get. Mark Ruskell MSP

Responding to the news that the Scottish Government intends to grant planning permission in principle for a proposed luxury housing development, tennis and golf centre at Park of Keir in Dunblane, Mark Ruskell, a local Green MSP who gave evidence at the public enquiry, said:

“I am bitterly disappointed the SNP government has overturned the democratic decision made by Stirling Council and granted permission. For 30 years communities have successfully fought to protect this precious landscape from property developers, it’s totally unsuitable for housing, but local plans and the conclusions of a lengthy public inquiry have been ripped up by the Scottish Government.

“The proposal will not make Park of Keir a national centre for tennis or golf, it’s about as far away from deprived communities who need local facilities as you can get, this decision has more to do with appeasing celebrities and developers with deep pockets than securing a sporting legacy.”

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Finnie hails amendment to Forestry Bill ensuring funds raised are reinvested in forestry

Thu 28 Dec, 2017

Scottish Greens Rural Communities spokesperson John Finnie MSP is hailing an amendment to the Forestry Bill which will ensure that all funds raised by the National Forestry Estate (NFE) in the disposal of any of its property are reinvested in forestry rather than be spent on other government portfolio areas as is currently the case.


Mr Finnie moved the amendment as a Member of the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee which is the lead committee scrutinising the bill.


Ruskell questions FM over £109m cut to Rural Development Programme

Thu 14 Sep, 2017

Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment, Food & Farming spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (14 Sep) questioned the First Minister over the Scottish Government’s £109m cut to the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), saying they have ‘sneaked’ the announcement out without proper debate or scrutiny.

We challenge other parties to be bold on environment & say Climate Bill should include target of zero emissions by 2040

Wed 16 Aug, 2017

Scottish Green MSPs today (17 August) challenged Holyrood's four other parties to be bold on the environment by proposing that the forthcoming Climate Bill includes a target of zero emissions by 2040.

Current targets under the 2009 Climate Act are for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 80 per cent by 2050. The Scottish Government proposes increasing this to 90 per cent but does not propose bringing forward the target date, despite the urgency of the situation.