One year on, Douglas Ross has still not apologised for backing Liz Truss and her disastrous economic policies

Douglas Ross must take responsibility for backing Liz Truss and her disastrous budget.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross will never have any credibility on the economy after his  utterly mis-guided support for Liz Truss and her disastrous economic experiments, says Scottish Green Co-leader Patrick Harvie.

Speaking a year to the day since Liz Truss was elected leader Tory party leader, Mr Harvie called on Mr Ross to apologise and take his share of responsibility for the financial disaster that Liz Truss and her Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, inflicted in a budget that he supported.

Mr Harvie said:

“Liz Truss may have been in Downing Street for less than 50 days and nights, but she wrought a huge amount of damage in that time. There are hundreds of thousands of households and families that suffered and are struggling to pay their bills because of the long term impact of her notorious budget.

“One year on and it is hard to believe just how many disasters Liz Truss managed to inflict in such a short period of time. But she didn’t do it alone. She could only do it because of the cheerleading of her colleagues like Douglas Ross who were happy to sing her praises and back her up.

“Yet last week Douglas Ross published his economic ‘vision’ for Scotland, and it’s clear that he’s learned nothing. He’s wedded to the same Tory ideas that have failed Scotland time and again, and it feels like the same reckless hard right nonsense she inflicted upon us. 

“He can never have any semblance of political or economic credibility, and the people of Scotland are owed an apology for his terrible track record of misjudgement. Trussonomics should be left in the dustbin of history.

“First he backed Boris Johnson and his disastrous Brexit and stood by him long after the shocking revelations of ‘partygate’. Then he backed Liz Truss and her appalling economic experiments while calling for the Scottish Government to match her plans.

“These extremist policies ruined people’s lives and had serious and lasting consequences for our economy. The last thing Scotland needs is for Douglas Ross and his colleagues to be anywhere near the levers of power.”