No excuse for Muirfield's backward policy

Responding to the news that Muirfield golf club will keep its policy of barring women members, Alison Johnstone, Sport spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Lothian, said:

"There is simply no excuse for such a backward policy, and it's galling to see such a large number of this club's members voting to bring it into the twenty-first century yet they are blocked due to falling just short of a two-thirds majority. If the management of Muirfield had any sense, they'd acknowledge the strength of support from their members for a change in policy and they'd do the right thing to prevent further damage to the reputation of their venue and Scottish sport.

"The Open at Muirfield three years ago was a great spectacle for all who enjoy golf and it undoubtedly brought a huge amount of trade to East Lothian but continuing with outdated attitudes leaves a sour taste. The R&A are right to exclude Muirfield from its roster of Open venues. Other golf clubs have done the right thing and I would urge the membership of Muirfield to keep the pressure on."