New Trans+ History Week welcomed by Scottish Greens

At a time when our trans siblings remain under attack, this event has never been more important.

A new initiative aimed at telling the history of trans, gender diverse, intersex and non-binary people announced for 2024 has been welcomed by the Scottish Greens.

Trans+ History Week runs from May 6 to 12 and will celebrate and focus on teaching the history of transgender, gender diverse, intersex and non-binary people.

Organised by independent platform and publishers QueerAF, supported by groups including Pink News, Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence, Not A Phase, Trans Actual, Queer Britain and the LGBT Foundation, it could become an annual event.

The proposed historical education will look at these communities from antiquity, the days of the Roman Republic and Empire, and through to the 1920s, 1930s, book burning and the rise of figures such as Hitler, and onwards to the present day.

The event’s founder, creative Marty Davies, told Pink News: “I want to create space for us to stand joyfully in our present with our hands wrapped around our past. Using this knowledge to steel us as we carve out a better future.”

Scottish Greens equality spokesperson Maggie Chapman said:

"At a time when our trans siblings remain under attack from those who peddle misinformation, hate and are on the wrong side of history, such an event has never been more important.

"It will delve deep into the history of how the far-right and others have targeted the LGBTQIA+ community for centuries and the trans community in particular. The tragedy being that some still hold to those views even today.

"The Scottish Greens stand proudly with our trans siblings and the wider LGBTQIA+ community and we welcome this new opportunity, amid a culture war driven by right-wing forces, to shine a light on what has gone before as we campaign for a brighter and more equal future.

"Those against the human rights of trans people hold a shameful position, one that aligns itself with the horrors of the past and twisted intolerances of today. They are not representative of the progressive, inclusive, modern country that Scottish Greens are working towards.


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