MSP calls for Mossmorran summit after Grangemouth shock

A Scottish Greens MSP has called for an urgent summit to explore new ways to climate-proof the giant Mossmorran gas plant in Fife.

This comes after the shock announcement last month that the Petroineos site at Grangemouth, Scotland’s last remaining oil refinery, would close in 2025. Staff are still awaiting their fate after the site’s owners announced its pending closure.

Grangemouth bosses had previously pledged to work with the Just Transition Commision, unions, local authorities and others in delivering a sustainable future for the site.

Now Mark Ruskell MSP is calling for a summit over the future of the Mossmorran petrochemical plant just 25 miles away, warning they must take urgent action now and set out a blueprint for its future.

The petrochemical site comprises Shell’s Natural Gas Liquids plant and Exxonmobil’s Ethylene plant, employing around 250 people.

Scottish Greens · Mark Ruskell MSP calls for Mossmorran summit

Mr Ruskell, who is to hold a Members Debate on the crisis when the Scottish Parliament returns in January, said: “The shock announcement over Grangemouth’s refinery shows the dangers of any change that is planned without workers, their unions and the community involved.

“We cannot and must not take risks with Mossmorran. There are credible plans on the table to decarbonise the plant, there is a way to make this happen. But we need all the relevant parties to recommit to its future.

“This time last year I published research that outlined how a Just Transition plan involving workers, unions, Scottish Government and operators ExxonMobil and Shell, could be made to work for the site, ending its unenviable status as one of Scotland’s biggest polluters.

“Then in August I wrote to both firms urging them to commit to a clear investment timetable to decarbonise Mossmorran for the benefits of its workers, its future operations and for the community around it.

“Given the news from Grangemouth, it should be clear an urgent commitment for Mossmorran is needed, and I would urge all those with a stake to get around the table with me so that a plan for decarbonising the site can be explored at pace in the New Year.”


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