Migration Bill makes UK a rogue state for human rights

The UK government's Illegal Migration Bill is a racist and reactionary piece of legislation.

When it comes to human rights the UK is a rogue state, say the Scottish Greens ahead of a parliamentary debate on the UK government’s racist Illegal Migration Bill.

Speaking in the debate, the Scottish Green's justice spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, will say:

“In human rights terms, in terms of its solemn obligations under international law, in terms of the deep moral imperative to compassion and justice which prompted the Refugee Convention, the UK is now, let us be blunt, a rogue state.  

“We’ve become accustomed, over the past months, to using the word ‘unprecedented’. But this is breath-taking in its utter annihilation of so much good that has gone before. 

“The right to seek refugee protection, the right to liberty and security, the right to access justice, to freedom from torture and freedom from slavery - all are fundamentally violated by this shameful piece of propaganda posing as legislation.”

In finishing Maggie will say:

“Where the UK leads, however dark that path, others will, I fear, follow. So, it is our human responsibility to stand for the rule of law, for the protective duties of our administrations, and most of all for those whom this Bill would crush and break. They are not ‘removable persons’. They are our neighbours, and they are welcome home.”