Labour and Tories betraying a generation with EU free-movement refusal

The only way Scotland can re-join the EU is with the powers of independence.

The Tory and Labour decision to reject an EU proposal to allow young people to live, study or work in the bloc for up to four years is the betrayal of a generation, say the Scottish Greens. 

The proposed scheme, which would have applied to 18-30 year olds, would reportedly have given equivalent rights for young people from across the bloc to move to the UK.

Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman said: “This is the betrayal of a generation. It is exactly what you expect from a xenophobic and reactionary Tory Party, but Labour can and must be better than this. 

“Keir Starmer promised that he would defend free movement, but even when offered a mild proposal like this he has rejected it out of hand.

“Brexit has been an absolute disaster. It has dragged up prices, curbed our rights to live and travel and emboldened racist and far right views. It has also exacerbated staff shortages for industries and services that we all rely on and that this scheme could have helped to tackle. 

“Brexit was dreamt up by some of the worst and most incompetent Tory Ministers in history, and yet the Labour Party is determined to double down on it.

“The people of Scotland rejected Brexit at the time and have been proven right with every passing day. It is clear that our only chance of re-joining the EU is with the powers of an independent country.”