Wed 3 Aug, 2022

We found the beach Christmas trees were providing a structural support for dune expansion. Shona McIntosh

While it may be the holiday season, a new Councillor's work doesn't stop! 

Cllr Shona McIntosh has written a short update on what has been happening:

July is council recess so this is a short update! I have tried to use the time away from meetings to fact-find and relationship-build as preparation for the next few years serving the community.

So I visited Elcap in Prestonpans to learn more about the fantastic service they provide. I got a cup of tea and a great chat with a few of the lovely individuals who access their support. I visited Drem and cycled to Gullane along the route of the proposed Drem-Gullane cycle path, guided by two stalwarts of the campaign for this important link path.

I also attended my first community council meeting and had a great interactive brainstorm session with the Musselburgh Area Partnership Active Travel subgroup, looking at routes around Musselburgh, Whitecraig and Wallyford.

I arranged for a visit from the wonderful team at Restoration Forth, who gave a group of local coastal wildlife enthusiasts a tour of the mussel beds and talked to us about the exciting plans to restore seagrass and oysters in the Firth of Forth.

We revisited our "dune protecting Christmas trees" and found, to our excitement, that there is both marram grass and sea rocket growing amongst the deadwood in the sand – which shows the trees are doing exactly what we hoped they would, and providing a structural support for dune expansion!

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