First monthly update from our Green Councillor

Councillor Shona McIntosh, the first Scottish Greens representative elected to East Lothian Council has provided her first update to Party members and the public.

After four weeks in the job, Cllr McIntosh wrote:

My first month as a Councillor has been a steep learning curve, but I’ve tried to hit the ground running.

I’ve taken up some local casework, and had my first solid achievement in getting the barriers on the Electric Bridge moved so that there is more space for Cycling Without Age users, bikes with trailers and larger wheelchairs!

I have raised with the Tourism team the fact that it is ill-judged, during a climate emergency, to actively promote driving as a pastime when there are more environmentally friendly ways of enjoying East Lothian.

I have been working on how we can best bring forward action on our manifesto commitment to urge the Lothian Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuel investments. 

And more light-heartedly, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to spectate at the Willy Innes Youth Games at Meadowmill – the young people were having a great time and showing fantastic support for each other. Our coaches, volunteers and PE teachers do a brilliant job of facilitating sport for young people, and it was a great privilege to be invited as a local representative to see the results of that hard work.

 Contact me via SMcIntosh1 [at] eastlothian [dot] gov [dot] uk if you have any issues you would like to raise.

Over the coming weeks Cllr McIntosh will be continuing to meet with Council officials and other councillors to discuss ways to bring about the policies put forward in the East Lothian Greens Manifesto.

Formal reporting mechanisms for East Lothian Greens councillors will be agreed at the branch's AGM in July and announced in due course.