Johnson's shameful roll of dishonour exposes rotten honours system

Boris Johnson's resignation honours list exposes Westminster's rotten system of patronage.

Boris Johnson's honours list is beyond satire, say the Scottish Greens. The party's constitutional spokesperson, Ross Greer, has said that it exposes a totally rotten system.

Mr Greer said:

"It is hard to think of people who have done more damage and are less worthy of recognition and reward than those on this sorry list. It is beyond satire.

“People will see this for what it is. Mogg led the campaign of lies and disinformation that delivered a disastrous Brexit while Patel introduced some of the most brutal, racist and anti-refugee policies in decades.

"This is a roll of dishonour, which is no surprise considering it came from Boris Johnson, a man so shameless that he reportedly tried to give a knighthood to his own dad.

"The whole preposterous saga only goes to emphasise how broken, shameful and morally bankrupt our so-called 'honours' system is.

“Whether it is their dodgy donors, crooked cronies or the endless taint of sleaze that goes to the heart of their party, the Tories have shown that they view government as a private club run purely for themselves and their wealthy friends.

“One of the biggest opportunities of independence is Scotland would replace this rotten system with a real democracy.

“We can be a fairer and more equal country where real power lies with people and communities, rather than being passed around a tiny elite as a reward for constant failure.”