Jeremy Corbyn is right, a future Labour government must respect Scotland’s right to choose our own future

The people of Scotland must determine our own future.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is right to support Scotland’s democratic right to hold a referendum on independence, say the Scottish Greens.

This follows comments at the Edinburgh Fringe Today in which Mr Corbyn said that “if the people of Scotland want that referendum to defend their future, then they should have that right.”

The Scottish Greens’ constitution spokesperson Ross Greer welcomed Mr Corbyn’s comments which he said were “respect for basic democracy.”

Mr Greer said:

“Jeremy Corbyn is right, the power to determine Scotland’s future must lie with the people of Scotland, not with Westminster elites who don’t give a damn what people here think or how they vote. Corbyn is showing a respect for basic democracy which his successor Keir Starmer seems completely incapable of.

“The Tories are relentlessly attacking Scottish democracy and the powers of Scotland’s elected Parliament, and, sadly, the Labour Party are acting as cheerleaders for this assault.

“At the last election Scotland elected our largest ever majority of pro-independence MSPs. If Anas Sarwar and Keir Starmer have any respect for Scottish democracy they will listen to their former leader and recognise Scotland’s right to choose our own future.”