Tue 27 Sep, 2016

Greens have stood with communities from the outset, and proposed Parliament’s first ban on fracking. Mark Ruskell MSP

Responding to comments by Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe, Mark Ruskell MSP, Climate & Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

“The glib attitude of Jim Ratcliffe is simply astounding. He compares the potential for contamination from fracking to an occasional car tyre puncture. That opinion will go down like a lead balloon in communities across Scotland currently under threat from frackers and coal gas drillers.

“If we want to guarantee a future for Grangemouth we should be investing in its conversion to synthetic fuels from renewable resources. Amid today’s PR puff from Ineos there has been no mention of climate change. The facts are clear. We need to start leaving fossil fuels in the ground, not go drilling for more.

“Greens have stood with communities from the outset, and proposed Parliament’s first ban on fracking. We will continue to keep up the pressure and show that Ineos’ bullish behaviour is utterly misplaced.”




Speaking on Radio Scotland this morning, the Ineos chairman said: "You have to accept the world is not perfect, chemicals is not a perfect world, occasionally we have spillages and we have incidents because we're not perfect. It's like occasionally you get a puncture in your car. However hard you try things go wrong occasionally. But do you want your hot shower in the morning? There is a balance."

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