Independent Scotland would end Home Office racism and enhance rights of refugees

It is time to end the hostile environment and build a fairer and more humane migration system.

With powers over immigration and refugee policy, Scotland can break with Westminster’s hostile environment and build a humane and welcoming system, say the Scottish Greens.

Speaking on World Refugee Day, the party’s justice spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, has slammed the “appalling and inhumane” record of the Tories and the “institutional racism” of the Home Office, and called for Scotland to be given powers over migration.

Ms Chapman said:

“The Tories may give us warm words and platitudes on days like World Refugee Day, but the system that they have designed and presided over is appalling and inhumane. It is fundamentally cruel and trades on stigma and shame.

“Whether it is violent dawn raids, the prison-like detentions in so-called processing centres or the spectre of brutal deportation flights, the Tories and the institutionally racist Home Office have shown time and again that they will criminalise, punish and humiliate vulnerable people and smile while they are doing it.

“Refugees are our friends and neighbours and are vital to our communities. I’m not interested in any politics or government that treats them without basic human decency and dignity. Their rights and lives matter as much as anyone else’s, and are far too important to be used as political fodder.

“The anti-refugee Bill that they are legislating for now will go even further and, rather than offering safe routes to people fleeing desperate situations, it will effectively abolish the asylum system and destroy the rights of people seeking asylum. 

“With the powers of an independent country Scotland could do so much better. We could do far more to protect and enhance the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and build a system based on compassion, empathy and solidarity rather than the calculated cruelty and hostility of Westminster.”