Independent Scotland must be free of nuclear weapons

Turning the Faslane naval base into a nuclear armed Gunatanamo Bay style British enclave once Scotland becomes independent would be completely unacceptable, Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer has said.

The Financial Times has reported that this is one of the contingencies drawn up by the Ministry of Defence should Scotland become independent.

Ross Greer, Green MSP for the West of Scotland region which includes the Faslane and Coulport facilities, said:

“It’s clear that Scottish independence would undermine the British government’s superpower delusions and contribute to world peace. A newly independent Scotland must demand that the UK’s weapons of mass slaughter are moved from the Clyde. They should be decommissioned, and we should not for a second entertain the suggestion of allowing a nuclear armed Guantanamo Bay style complex to remain behind. The base at Faslane will play an important role in supporting Scotland’s own defence forces, something it could not do if the facility is handed back to the government of a country we have just left.

“The shared policy programme agreed by the Scottish Greens and Scottish Government commits us to support the aims and principles of the nuclear weapons ban treaty. I look forward to the day where an independent Scotland can join the 86 other countries who have already signed this treaty.”

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