Independence would boost campaign to replace monarchy with elected head of state

With the powers of independence we can build a modern democratic republic.

The Scottish Greens have committed to campaign for an elected head of state to replace the UK monarchy when a newly independent Scotland drafts its constitution.

The party has argued that it would focus attention on the opportunity to replace the unfairness and inequality of a single, over-privileged family being able to rule over a nation, replacing them with someone democratically chosen by the people.

Following the publication of a new Scottish Government paper, ‘Building A New Scotland - Creating a modern constitution for an independent Scotland’, the Scottish Greens constitution spokesperson Ross Greer MSP said:

“An independent Scotland can be a real democracy. 

“One of the first things we’ll do after independence, together as a nation, is write our new constitution and in that process we’ll ask questions like who Scotland’s head of state should be.

“The Scottish Greens will argue that if we want to become a real democracy, we must elect our head of state.

“We can ditch the archaic notion that one family by magic and by birthright gets to rule over the rest of us.

“An independent Scotland will be a fairer, greener country and it will be a genuinely democratic one if we choose who our head of state is.”

In May, a sold out audience attended the ‘For A Republic’ debate organised by the Scottish Greens. Hundreds of others attended a rally on Calton Hill to protest against the King’s Coronation.

A poll for ITV in the same month, showed support for the Royals was lower in Scotland than in any other part of the UK.