Independence in the EU required to protect workers’ rights

The only way to protect workers’ rights is through independence in the EU, Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer said today.

Mr Greer made the comments in response to a parliamentary statement on the UK Government’s plans to dispose of over two thousand pieces of retained EU law, including those related to workers' rights and environmental standards.

Speaking after the statement, Ross Greer said:

“Jacob Rees-Mogg is so desperate to find a benefit of Brexit that he has outsourced his search to the Sun and the far-right Daily Express.

“It is clearly intended to advance the Tories’ decades-long campaign for British workers’ to have the weakest rights and protections in Europe.

“With little prospect of workers’ rights being devolved to the Scottish Parliament within the UK, the only way to protect those rights here is through independence in the EU.”