Human rights and Scottish democracy are not safe with Westminster

The Tories are dismantling trans rights and devolution.

Westminster is a clear and present danger to human rights, equality and democracy in Scotland, says the Scottish Greens equalities spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP.

The warning comes as the Tory Minister for Women and Equalities, Kemi Badenoch, has outlined her party’s plans to crack down on the rights of trans people, including amending the equality act.

Ms Chapman said: “Kemi Badenoch and her Tory colleagues have shown a total contempt for the rights and wellbeing of trans people and for Scottish democracy. 

“They are a clear and present danger to equality and are prepared to cynically punish and ridicule vulnerable groups and whip up hatred in order to win votes. It is shameful gutter politics.

“The Tories are trying to turn this election into a race to the bottom on human rights, and I don’t trust Labour to stand up to them. Time and again we’ve seen Labour front-benchers parroting Tory lines and in some cases threatening to be even harsher.

“Whether it is trans people, migrant communities or any other group they may decide to punch down on, it is clear that minority rights are not safe with Westminster.”

Ms Chapman reaffirmed her party’s support for ending the Section 35 veto, which was used to block gender reform in Scotland.

Ms Chapman added: “Gender Recognition Reform was one of the most scrutinised and widely consulted bills in the history of devolution, and was backed by MSPs from every party. The fact that other parties are trying to rewrite history and airbrush out their support is concerning.

“Every vote for the Scottish Green is a vote to overturn the appalling and undemocratic Westminster veto. For the Tories, the block was always about fighting a bigoted culture war rather than anything to do with the rights of our parliament."

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