Home Secretary must resign over refugee ruling

The Home Office deportation plan was brutal, authoritarian and racist.

The Scottish Greens say Home Secretary Suella Braverman must resign or be sacked after the Court of Appeal ruled that UK Government plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda to make their applications was unlawful.

Justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“This tells us everything we need to know about this cruellest of UK governments.

“To deny people who have risked life and limb, women and children among them, even the opportunity to make their case is beyond repugnant.

“Ministers are supposed to be there to write and uphold the laws of the land and to assure the rights of the people. The plan to remove people at their most vulnerable was illegal, immoral and unjust.

“If the Home Secretary Suella Braverman had any ounce of decency she would resign. If the Prime Minister had any kind of authority, he would sack her.”