Harvie questions plans by Glasgow Airport to revise flight paths

Patrick Harvie, Economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, today (15 Jan) questioned plans by Glasgow Airport to revise flight paths, which the airport says is needed to cope with increased passenger numbers and airspace congestion.

Airport bosses claim that the new system will improve punctuality and allow them to reduce CO2 emissions.

Patrick Harvie said:

“Growing the most polluting form of transport for the benefit of wealthy frequent fliers is not a priority when bus and rail fares are going through the roof, hitting everyday commuters in the pocket. It’s hard to believe the airport’s claims that new routes will cut carbon emissions when their ultimate aim is continued expansion. 

“The aviation industry’s claims about reducing its environmental impact tend to fall apart upon inspection, as we saw when the Finance Committee questioned the baseless assertions behind the proposal to cut Air Departure Tax.

“It’s vital that the voices of local communities in Glasgow and across the West of Scotland are heard, as they have to live with the noise and air pollution from aircraft. We’ve already seen Edinburgh Airport’s attempt to steamroller communities backfiring on them, so Glasgow would be wise to listen to residents’ concerns carefully.”