Harvie challenges SNP MPs on Heathrow after Labour changes stance

Green MSP Patrick Harvie is challenging SNP MPs to resist voting with the Tories on Heathrow expansion after Labour declared that its official position is against building a new runway, calling the plan “incompatible” with environmental and climate change obligations.

MPs are expected to vote on the UK Government proposals next Monday and ministers at Holyrood are going along with the Conservatives in the widely debunked claim that “a new third runway is deliverable within its international carbon commitments”.

Patrick Harvie says the SNP should resist the urge to vote with the Tory government and Labour rebels and instead focus on improving “public transport at home”.

Glasgow’s Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:

“The SNP now finds itself in a situation at Westminster where only they, the DUP and the Tories have a policy of supporting a new runway at Heathrow. Rarely do we find Scottish ministers in complete agreement with their UK counterparts, but bizarrely in this instance the Scottish Government admits it is relying on, and is satisfied with, the UK government’s complacent view of the carbon emissions that will come from expanding Heathrow Airport.

“Green MP Caroline Lucas has shown, and now Labour’s shadow transport secretary agrees, that constructing a new runway at the London airport would be ‘incompatible with our environmental and climate change obligations’. We know the Tories can’t be trusted on climate change, so why are SNP MPs ready to vote with them?

“Heathrow bosses provided SNP politicians with a free bar at their party conference in Aberdeen. Days later they backed this reckless and unnecessary plan; meanwhile there isn’t a single mention of trains in the Transport Bill published this earlier this month. SNP ministers seem to think that people in Scotland need more flights to an airport in London but can cope without improved public transport at home. They urgently need to reconsider their position.”