Greer Slams Bears Way Vandals

Green MSP Ross Greer today condemned vandals who spread tacks on a local cycle route.

A number of cyclists reported getting punctures and finding tacks spread along the course of the Bears Way last night (2 February), in what seems to have been a deliberate and dangerous act.

Ross Greer commented:

“This is a pathetic and dangerous act by cowards, one which puts the safety of many cyclists at risk. I’m aware that many people in the area object to the Bears Way and its potential expansion. Most of these people have been campaigning by lobbying the council or through a petition but putting cyclists – including children - in danger is a totally unacceptable and shameful way to express objection.

“We need to encourage cycling as much as possible as a healthy, affordable and enjoyable way to travel. Cyclists should not fear dangerous efforts like this to put them off completely I've asked the police to keep me up to date with this situation."