Greens urge Scottish Government to get a grip on education at First Minister’s Questions

The Scottish Government’s strategy for raising education standards was called into question today by the Scottish Greens at the last session of FMQs before the local authority elections.

Patrick Harvie MSP, the Greens’ co-convener urged Nicola Sturgeon to get a “grip on education” and highlighted how the government has press ahead with an unwanted “governance review” instead of working to reverse cuts and tackle teacher workload.

In an interview on the Sunday Politics, former First Minister Alex Salmond would not acknowledge the drop in teacher numbers or Scotland’s lower ranking in international league tables for education.

Glasgow MSP, Patrick Harvie said:

“After Alex Salmond’s evasive answers at the weekend, it’s essential that the government gives clarity. After the loss of 4000 teachers, hundreds of additional support needs teachers, school librarians and classroom assistants since the SNP took office, it’s clear long term investment is needed.

“Green action to reverse the local council cuts and secure £160 million more than planned for local services this year were absolutely essential – but this must be only the start. While we have been calling for more resources for our schools, the reversal of cuts to teachers and tackling teacher workload, the Scottish Government is instead spending time on a governance review that wasn't asked for or needed by teachers, pupils or parents.”

Speaking after FMQs, Patrick added:

“It’s quite clear that this government doesn’t yet have a grip on education. Further undermining the role of local councils is not the solution. What’s needed is long term investment in the resources our councils and an investment to replace the thousands of lost education professionals.”