Mon 3 Sep, 2018

A little bit of green window dressing won’t impress the thousands of Scots who rely on buses every day. John Finnie MSP

A Green MSP is accusing the First Minister of “green window dressing” after claiming that a £16m fund, and announcements in the 2018-19 Programme for Government, will place Scotland at the “forefront of low carbon travel”.

John Finnie, the Scottish Greens’ transport spokesperson, says the claim is hollow because Norway has pledged to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025, seven years ahead of the Scottish Government’s 2032 aim.

Mr Finnie also says that bus users, who are looking for a more reliable service, will care little for the government’s boast that 100 new buses, out of a fleet of thousands, will “significantly increase” the overall green bus fleet.

Green MSP for Highlands and Islands, John Finnie said:

“A little bit of green window dressing won’t impress the thousands of Scots who rely on buses every day. What they want to see is a more reliable and less expensive service within an industry that is properly regulated. If the government is serious about improving buses, they’ll make the necessary changes to toughen up the Transport Bill.

“While any investment aimed at reducing carbon emissions is welcome, including this small sum from the government, a hundred new buses out of a fleet of thousands makes a mockery of the First Minister’s claim that the investment places Scotland at the ‘forefront of low carbon travel’.

“Furthermore, the claim really is laughable considering Norway will phase out petrol powered cars seven years ahead of Scotland and that hybrid cars will be permitted to be sold here beyond the 2032 target.”

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