Government still not listening on standardised testing say Greens

Reports that teachers are ready to boycott new standardised is “little wonder” say the Greens, who accuse the Scottish Government of refusing to listen to education experts.

The party’s education spokesperson, Ross Greer also says the policy should be ditched altogether but gave a cautious welcome to an announcement from ministers that no pupil-level data will be collected from new national Standardised Assessments.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer said:

“It’s little wonder that teachers are threatening a boycott. They’ve already made their views perfectly clear but the government still remain unwilling to listen to the very people who understand what’s best for pupils. The Tories and Labour pushed the SNP into bringing back these standardised assessments, against clear evidence, while Greens opposed and warned it would lead to an unhealthy league table culture.

“The government’s announcement that it will use the data from the testing to focus only on national trends is welcome, but it would make more sense for the SNP to ditch the policy altogether and instead take an evidence-led approach to improving Scottish education, starting with a focus on fixing the system of support for the one in four pupils with additional needs.”