GERS: We urge a diverse economy

Commenting on today's GERS figures, Patrick Harvie MSP, Finance & Economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"These figures will inevitably set off another round of empty rhetoric, just as they do evey year, between those who think the SNP can do no wrong and those who think Scotland can never aspire to govern itself. In truth, the figures show what has been clear for years - that a strong future for Scotland's economy will depend on ending our reliance on oil and gas, and investing in the industries of the 21st century instead.

"Diversifying our economy will mean developing a broader range of revenue sources, giving us the confidence to invest in making Scotland a more equal country too.

"If we’re serious about building up alternative viable industries, and ending our over-reliance on unburnable oil and gas, we must see a joined up plan from the Scottish Government instead of a myopic obsession with getting back to 'business as usual'.

"If the UK Government does take stimulus action in the Autumn Spending Review, as it is hinting, the resources that come to Scotland must be invested in transition, instead of resting on the absurd assumption that the age of oil can last for the long term.

"That transition is vital for Scotland's present situation, and it's equally clear that the case for independence needs a vision of a stronger, more equal and greener economy. There can be no delay in planning for and investing in an economy that works for all."