General election can’t come soon enough for people and planet

A general election is the chance to move on from this cruel, incompetent and failing Tory government.

A general election can’t come soon enough for people and planet says Scottish Green Co-leader Patrick Harvie. His comments come as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told interviewers that he assumed an election will happen in the second half of 2024.

Mr Harvie said: "A general election can't come soon enough. The vast majority of people want to see the back of this cruel, incompetent and failing Tory government and want the opportunity to finally remove them from office as soon as possible.

“Over the last 14 years of misrule we’ve had five Tory Prime Ministers and a disastrous Brexit, and Scotland didn’t vote for any of them. If Rishi Sunak refuses to face the inevitable until the final weeks of the year, then he will look increasingly desperate.

"The years ahead will be crucial for people and planet. With record temperatures and climate chaos around the world, the Scottish Greens will offer a positive vision of a revitalised and fair economy built on the green technologies of the future and policies that tackle the vast inequalities that the Tories have created.

“With Scottish Greens in government in Scotland we have shown the difference that Green voices can make. We have introduced a rent freeze and protections for households and families, free bus travel for young people and secured record investment in nature and the renewable jobs of the future. That is the kind of approach and the change we urgently need to see from Westminster.

“Every vote for the Scottish Greens will be a vote for a just transition and a fairer, greener and brighter future.”