Free bus travel for children and young people

The Scottish Greens have ensured that everyone aged 21 or under can now access free bus travel across Scotland. This is a big step that will save families and young people money, as well as easing travel to work, school, higher education, friends and family. 

It is a positive, transformative change that will give young people greater independence and new opportunities.  It will reduce financial barriers for young people across East Lothian and further afield, saving some families hundreds of pounds, and it will also reduce car use and carbon emissions. Long term it should establish patterns of public transport lasting into adulthood.

By investing in public transport, the Scottish Greens’ Government Ministers are investing in people and supporting services. This is part of plans to treble funding for active travel and also includes a committed £5 billion to maintaining, improving and decarbonising Scotland's railways. 

A spokesperson for the Party said:

With Greens in government we are tackling inequality, responding to the climate emergency and improving young people’s lives. But we need as many people as possible to be aware of this new benefit.

Please help us spread the word about free bus travel for young people.

Sign-up for your free bus card today at GetYourNec.Scot.