Flamingo Land most objected to build in Scottish planning history - again!

Ross Greer MSP hails support from campaigners working to stop controversial mega park at Loch Lomond.

A controversial move to build a massive holiday complex on the banks of Loch Lomond has become the most objected to in Scottish planning history.

Flamingo Land’s latest bid to rip out nature for a hotels, lodges, a waterpark and even a monorail have amassed almost 65,000 objections so far - outstripping the number laid against their previous application, which had held the record of shame until now.

West Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer who has led efforts against the proposals over the last seven years said:

“There can be no clearer sign for those considering this nature wrecking application that the public do not want it in our National Park. 

“A record number of people, more than the 60,000 who objected previously, agree that this is the wrong plan for the wrong place and that it should be rejected at the earliest opportunity. The community at Balloch are overwhelmingly opposed to these plans and I know how much they appreciate the support from across the country.

“Flamingo Land’s owner promised that he would rip it up and move on if it was clear the development was not wanted by the community. He should now make good on that promise and walk away.

“This ‘resort’ would be a scar on the area, a blight on a world famous natural landscape and a slap in the face to tens of thousands of people who have voiced their objections.

“If the sheer embarrassment of having the most unpopular planning application in Scottish history isn’t enough, if the strength of community feeling against it isn’t enough, if the weight of expert opinion from the likes of the Woodland Trust and National Trust for Scotland isn’t enough to force Flamingo Land into walking away, then it is for the National Park’s board to do the right thing and reject their plans entirely.

“Flamingo Land’s mega resort plans have no place at Balloch, and I will continue to campaign with this army of objectors until our corner of Loch Lomond is safe. Together, we’ll beat them for good this time.”

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