Energy price hikes will hit millions this winter

Rising energy prices will hurt millions of families over winter.

Scottish Greens spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP has hit out at a decision to raise energy prices just as winter arrives.

Energy regulator Ofgem announced today that the typical annual household bill would go up from £1,834 to £1,928, a rise of £94 or 5%.

The announcement comes just 24-hrs after Tory Chancellor Jeremy Hunt failed to address the cost of living crisis already struggling to cope.

Ms Chapman said: “The decision to raise energy bills couldn’t come at a worse time for households and families already being stretched by this Tory cost of living - or cost of greed - crisis.

“With winter starting to bite, people are once again being forced to choose between heating and eating, especially given the added financial burden of Christmas.

“Help is available for some of the most vulnerable people, and we would urge them to seek that out, but it is never enough.

“The most appalling thing about this is knowing Scotland is rich in renewable energy, yet the benefits aren’t helping lower bills because they remain tied to the fluctuations and unpredictability of the oil and gas markets because of decisions taken by this UK Government.

“Scottish Greens are doing all we can to mitigate this hardship. Without the powers of independence, we are limited in what we can do, but will continue to press for wholesale reform of the broken energy market.”