Douglas Ross cast himself as panto villain with Drag Queen Story Hour slurs

The Tories are lifting from the far right playbook with narrow minded attacks on Drag Queen Story Hour.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has shown his true colours with his “narrow minded” and “pantomime villain” attacks on Drag Queen Story Hour, say the Scottish Greens.

This comes as Mr Ross has issued a Tweet condemning a Drag Queen Story Hour event taking place at a library in Elgin.

The Scottish Greens Equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman said:

“Douglas Ross is showing his true colours. He’s cast himself as a pantomime villain with his preposterous and narrow minded attacks on a simple and innocent community event. 

“Why would anyone want to stop children from learning about the joys of reading and books? Or about the diversity of our families and communities?

“Perhaps we should expect no better from a party that has defined itself against almost every step towards a more progressive and inclusive society.

“Is Douglas Ross desperately scraping the barrel for more cynical culture war nonsense? Oh yes he is. 

“How can the Tories lecture us about so-called ‘cancel culture’ in one breath and then demand the cancellation of a library event because they don’t like the look of the person doing the reading? 

“It seems that the only book he’s interested in is the far right playbook - that’s clearly where this latest outburst comes from.”