Curbs on travelling sports fans are “unwarranted, unworkable and out of touch”

Proposed curbs on traveling sports fans must be shown the red card.

Proposed restrictions on travelling sports fans are “unwarranted, unworkable and out of touch” says Scottish Greens sports spokesperson, Gillian Mackay MSP.

The UK Government has published a consultation document titled ‘Guidelines for taking passengers to sporting events in Scotland’ that proposes a series of curbs on sports fans travelling to events in Scotland.

The proposals include curbs on where buses can park, as well as new conditions around pub stops and picking up fans from unauthorised locations without police permission. Buses would only be allowed to arrive at the venue no earlier than two hours before and not later than one hour before the scheduled start of the game, unless otherwise directed by police.

Ms Mackay said:

“These proposals are unwarranted, unworkable, and out of touch. The extra work and hurdles created could make it prohibitive for sports fans to travel to Scotland.

“The knock-on effect for small businesses could also be significant. Pubs and restaurants near football stadiums and other sporting venues rely heavily on passing trade on match-days. In a cost-of-living crisis we should be creating opportunities for traders, not putting them under further pressure.

“We need to be working with sports clubs and supporter groups to ensure great days out for fans. These proposals need to be given the red card.”