GRR court ruling a devastating day for equality and democracy

Westminster has shown its contempt for the rights of trans people and Scottish Parliament, says Maggie Chapman MSP

The Court of Session’s ruling in favour of Westminster’s decision to block Gender Recognition Reform is a devastating day for equality and democracy, say the Scottish Greens.

The party’s equality spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said “This is a devastating day for equality. It is a democratic outrage, crushing basic rights and equality for some of Scotland’s most marginalised people. It shows the huge limitations and constraints on devolution and confirms that the UK Government refuses to see our trans siblings for the people they really are.

“It is horrible, it is heartbreaking and it is unjust. It makes a mockery of any vote or decision that we as parliamentarians take at Holyrood from now on, if the result is knowing that Westminster will veto anything they don’t like.

“Self-ID is normal and is used in countries around the world. What our Parliament voted for was a small change that would have made a big difference to a vulnerable community. I hope the Scottish Government will consider all options for appeal.

“We stand in solidarity with our trans siblings and call on every fair and decent minded individual who believes in equality and democracy to do the same.

“This is far from over. It is not about trans rights or democracy alone, it is about our very right to be who we are, who we want to be and what kind of country we want to live in. That must now start and end with independence and a fairer and more equal Scotland.”

Commenting on the verdict, Jen Bell, the co-convenor of Rainbow Greens, which represents LGBTQ+ members of the Scottish Greens, said "This is a crushing blow for the people of Scotland and trans people across Britain.

"At a time when we needed hope, a dangerous precedent has been set: our democracy, our rights, our self-determination, can be vetoed at the whim of any Westminster government. 

“But this is not the end for us. The trans community and Scotland will persevere. We will keep fighting for our rights and our dignity in Scotland, in Britain and the world over.”