Council tax & education funding proposals in breach of international law

Andy Wightman MSP, Local Government spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today highlighted how the Scottish Government's proposal to alter Council Tax and appropriate additional funds breaches international law.

Legislation has been set out in Parliament aimed at increasing the top bands of Council Tax, with extra revenue raised by local authorities being taken by the Scottish Government for spending on educational attainment.

Andy Wightman MSP said:

“The cross-party commission on local tax concluded that the council tax is unfair and must go. It’s extraordinary that the Scottish Government, which talks up progressive measures, remains committed to such a regressive tax. The changes being proposed are meaningless without re-evaluation. As we know, most properties are in the wrong council tax band.

“Raising funds to invest in schools to close the attainment gap is perfectly reasonable, but such national measures must be tackled using national revenue, not a raid on local funds on top of almost a decade of a funding freeze on local authorities. The package being proposed by Scottish Ministers is in breach of international law, namely the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

"Greens will continue to put forward alternative ways of raising revenue fairly for public services while at the same time giving local communities genuine autonomy to decide local priorities.”

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