Conversion practice ban a landmark for equality

There is nothing therapeutic about so-called conversion therapy.

A watertight ban on all forms of conversion practice - or so-called conversion therapy - would be a landmark for equality, says the Scottish Greens equality spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP.

Ms Chapman was commenting on the final day for responses to the Scottish Government’s consultation on banning the cruel practices, and encouraged as many people as possible to respond.

Conversion practices are acts which intend to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The proposed ban is a central pledge of the cooperation agreement that first brought the Scottish Greens into government.

Ms Chapman said: “There is nothing therapeutic about conversion practices. They are cruel and dangerous and have no place in modern Scotland.

"Banning them would be a landmark for progress for equality.

“Conversion practices are intended to shame people into changing who they are. Nobody should be told that they are not good enough because of their sexuality or their gender identity.

“Too many people have suffered. I hope that all MSPs will take the time to learn from and listen to the experience of survivors, and that they will stand with them.

“I also hope that as many people as possible take a few minutes to fill in the consultation. It is a crucial stage of the process and vital to ensuring that the legislation is as strong and robust as it can be and that these awful practices can be consigned to history.”

If you have been impacted by conversion practices, help is available at

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