Careful consideration needs given to third consecutive drop in Higher passes

A 3rd annual drop in the Higher pass rate must be carefully monitored, Scottish Greens education spokesperson Ross Greer MSP warned today (7 Aug).

This year 76.8% of entries were marked at Grade C or above compared with 77% last year and 77.2% in 2016.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“Exam results don’t define you but we should congratulate the young people across Scotland who have achieved a lot today. At the same time, careful consideration needs given to this third consecutive drop in Higher passes and the potential of it becoming a trend. 

"We cannot pretend that all is rosy in Scottish education when we are down 3,500 teachers from a decade ago, those in post are experiencing a workload and morale crisis and the government is more interested in unwanted and unhelpful governance reforms than solving these problems by giving staff and pupils the resources they need. 

"The SNP promised education would be the defining mission of this government but so far there isn’t much evidence of their mission succeeding.”