Better ASN provision is one of the best ways to close the attainment gap

Commenting on the call from the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition for the Scottish Government and Scotland’s 32 Councils to increase funding for children and young people with Additional Support Needs, Ross Greer MSP, Education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"Cutting Additional Support Needs staff lets down the young people needing help the most. It's just not good enough for the Scottish Government to slash council budgets and then pass the blame on to those same councils for cutting vital staff. Scottish Greens are calling for ASN staffing to become a 'Promoted Post' to attract and retain more talented and experienced staff and for a reversal of these cuts which would make that possible.

"Later this week we will use some of our parliamentary debate time to raise these issues and push them higher up the agenda. Better ASN provision is one of the best ways we can close the attainment gap and ensure all children get the best possible education."