94,000 oppose destructive Flamingo Land mega-resort on Loch Lomond

Flamingo Land's proposal is the most opposed planning application in Scottish history.

94,000 people and organisations have lodged objections to Flamingo Land’s garish and destructive proposal for a mega-resort on the iconic banks of Loch Lomond, using a campaign portal set up by the Scottish Greens. 

The overall number of objections make it by far the most opposed planning proposal in Scottish history, beating the record previously held by the first failed Flamingo Land proposal for Loch Lomond.

The party’s Co-leader Patrick Harvie has joined the call for the development to be halted ahead of a visit to the site that would be destroyed if the controversial plans are approved.

The Yorkshire based theme park operator wants to cram 104 woodland lodges, 2 hotels, a waterpark, monorail, 372 car parking spaces and much more in a space that’s already enjoyed by many locals and tourists.

Concerns have been raised about the terrible impact that the development would have on traffic in the local area, and the proposed sale of publicly-owned ancient woodland to the developer. The plans are opposed by a vast majority of local residents, Balloch & Haldane Community Council, the National Trust for Scotland, the Woodland Trust, and many others.

Patrick Harvie said: “I’m grateful to the 94,000 people who have objected to these appalling plans. Loch Lomond is a special place for millions of us around the world.

"If these proposals are given the green light they would destroy a beautiful site on the banks and cause irreversible damage to the local environment. No wonder so many people are objecting to them.

“What Flamingo Land wants to do is completely inappropriate and totally out of step with what people want. It is one of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes and we must protect it from these plans.

“Labour are currently promising planning reforms that they say will prioritise economic growth. Garish developments like this one are a reminder of what this glib soundbite really means. It means cutting corners and enriching corporate developers at the cost of our environment - and to the detriment of local communities. Only the Scottish Greens are standing up for people and planet."

Mr Harvie added: “I’d also like to thank my colleague Ross Greer and all of the local campaigners who have done so much to protect Loch Lomond and stand up for the communities who would be impacted by this mega-resort.”

The Yorkshire-based developers dropped previous plans in 2019 after a campaign led by Ross Greer and the Scottish Greens lodged what was then a record number of objections for a Scottish planning application. Local surveys have shown residents are opposed to Flamingo Land’s plans by a margin of three to one.

While Mr Greer’s campaign has successfully prevented Flamingo Land from trying again to build on the ancient woodland at Drumkinnon Wood, their revised proposal would still see development on a huge scale across the site and traffic levels peaking at one car every fourteen seconds at peak hours on the already congested A82.

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