Mon 1 May, 2017

Kirsten Robb

East Kilbride East

Did you miss Kirsten Robb's newsletter when it popped through your letterbox recently? Don't worry, you can read it here. Find out more about Kirsten and her track record standing up for communities and a better East Kilbride. More of the same is not an option to address the challenges local people are facing on housing, poverty, transport and public services. Vote Kirsten Robb #1 to bring bold, fresh ideas and put power in your hands to improve our communities.

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Challenging Child Poverty

Wed 27 Jun, 2018

South Lanarkshire Greens hosted an evening bringing together about 40 people from the East Kilbride area concerned about the rising levels of child poverty. Currently 26% of children in Scotland live in poverty. With the introduction of benefit caps, Universal Credit, two child limits for child benefit, and cost of living increasing this is forecast to increase to 37% by 2022 .