East Kilbride transport is a mess - we deserve better

Is it any wonder that EK trains are overcrowded and Hairmyres Hospital staff are forced to form a human chain to stop commuters parking in patients car parks? The town's leaders have neglected investment in public transport for years. Recent stats back this up showing that the government has neglected supporting public transport in favour of car travel. And it continues, with SLC, backed up with UK and Scottish Government City Deal money, ploughing on with plans to spend approx £85 million on dualling the Stewartfield Way and Strathaven / Greenhills Roads.

The shocking thing is that nobody asked the public what our priorities were for this massive cash injection. Yet local people will continue to deal with the consequences - more traffic, more congestion and more air pollution. Meanwhile, public transport facilities are starved of cash, services are cut, bus fares increase (again) and trains stay jam packed. 

Green MSPs and our councillors across the country have a long history of standing up for public transport, walking and cycling, as well as maintaining existing roads. South Lanarkshire's first Green Councillors elected in May will scrutinise these City Deal projects and push for increased public transport investment at a local level too