I’ve lived and worked in Glasgow Kelvin for many years. This is one of the most creative, diverse and energetic parts of Scotland and I would be proud to serve as your local MSP.

Green votes in Glasgow Kelvin will lead the fight for urgent action on the climate crisis, a green recovery, and an independent Scotland in Europe.

Patrick’s plan for Glasgow Kelvin

As your local MSP I will fight for:

  1. Urgent action on the climate crisis through a Green Recovery which transforms our economy, creates jobs, and improves lives.

  2. An independent Scotland in Europe, with a referendum held in this term of Parliament as we build a progressive, modern, outward-looking nation.

  3. Action on the housing crisis through proper rent controls, investment in tenement repairs, and grants for warmer, greener homes.

  4. Affordable public transport with a publicly-owned bus and rail network, and free bus, rail, and subway travel for everyone under 26.

  5. A safe, welcoming home for new Glaswegians, taking asylum housing and support out of the hands of private profiteers.

  6. Secure, well-paid local jobs, particularly in hospitality, retail, universities and colleges, where too many struggle in insecure and underpaid work.

Green votes make a difference

  • Evictions banned during the pandemic.

  • £4.5m to save the Subway.

  • Restored 1000s of school grades unfairly lowered by the SQA.

  • Weekly covid tests for frontline NHS, care and school staff plus senior pupils.

  • Free bus travel for everyone aged 21 or under starting later this year.

  • A funding u-turn for Citizens Advice and Women’s Aid.

  • A decent pay rise for public sector workers, worth £100 million.

  • Free school meals for all primary pupils by summer next year.

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