Irene Brandt

I moved to Ullapool in 1995 to teach in the local primary school and was Acting Head Teacher for two years.  I have been active in the Scottish Green Party and the environmental movement for nigh on forty years.  I organised a Climate Day of Action here on 8th September and we intend to lobby Highland Council to divest its pension fund from fossil fuel companies.

I also want to persuade the Council to install electric vehicle charging points on all its properties, stop using harmful pesticides like glyphosate and phase out single-use plastics.  I think that responsibility for the seabed should devolve to local people to protect it from inshore dredging and seaweed harvesting.

What Highland Council can do

  • divest from fossil fuel companies
  • stop using harmful pesticides
  • install electric vehicles charging points at all their properties
  • phase out use single-use plastics
  • increase recycling rates
  • instead of closing public toilets, include services such as disabled access, chemical toilet disposal and drinking water
  • install insulation on tenant property and ensure new builds utilise renewable energy
  • encourage locally owned renewable energy schemes
  • use local producers to supply food for schools and council property


Green MSPs secured £160 million more for councils across Scotland from the Holyrood Government including £8.2 million for Highland Council. Scottish Green Party policy supports much more devolution to local government and stronger responsibilities and power for Community Councils.


Green policies to address local problems

The NC500 has to have an increase in infrastructure, facilities and driving restrictions. Greens have introduced a restriction on kelp dredging into the Scottish Crown Estate Bill. Greens would introduce regulations requiring that all plastics must be recyclable and phase out single-use plastics.


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