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Mon 22 Apr, 2019

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Mon 8 Apr, 2019

Glasgow Green’s Women’s Network: An Interview with Former Candidates

Cass Macgregor Sun 24 Mar, 2019

The Scottish Green Party promotes women's empowerment and gender equality and sees this as inextricably linked to action on social and environmental matters. This means we actively encourage women to put themselves forwards as candidates for elections where we get the opportunity to speak out about our policies, from climate change to abortion rights. I decided to meet up with a couple of fabulous former Green candidates, Lorraine McLaren and Gill MacDonald, from Glasgow to chat about what it was like.

Greens Stand by Female Workers Fighting for Equal Pay

Allan Young Wed 24 Oct, 2018

Since monday evening a huge number of Glasgow City Council workers have downed tools, either going on strike or refusing to cross picket lines. We in the Scottish Green Party support, as we have always done, their continued fight for equal pay.

The scheduled two-day industrial action has caused sizeable disruption and shows both how seldom homecare workers, cleaners, learning support workers and others go on strike and also how important their work is to our city.