Wed 30 Mar, 2022

A vote for your local Scottish Green candidate on 5th May is a vote for the urgent action needed for a greener and fairer Glasgow. Martha Wardrop

Voters in every part of Glasgow will have a chance to elect a Scottish Green councillor to make Glasgow greener and fairer after the party confirmed a full slate of 23 candidates for the May local elections.

The Greens are looking to build on a record result of seven councillors elected in 2017 and the party is buoyed by record high ratings in the most recent national opinion polls.

Among the Greens’ candidates are their current councillor group co-convenors Martha Wardrop and Jon Molyneux, bidding to be re-elected in Hillhead and Pollokshields respectively, and the current Depute Lord Provost, Christy Mearns, who represents Anderston / City and Yorkhill.

Community campaigner Anthony Carroll is hoping to succeed a current Green councillor - Kim Long - in Dennistoun. Similarly, candidates Dan Hutchison and Holly Bruce are looking to follow on from councillors Allan Young and Tanya Wisely in Govan and Langside respectively. Conversion therapy survivor and campaigner Blair Anderson is running in the Partick East and Kelvindale ward, where he delivered an increased Green vote share in a 2021 by-election.

Other hopefuls include Ukranian Kate Samuels, in the Calton ward, Elaine Gallagher, bidding to become the first transgender person elected to the city chambers, as councillor in Southside Central, and Lana Reid-McConnell in the Victoria Park ward, where the party missed out by just 40 votes in 2017.

In total, 52% of the Greens’ candidates are women, 43% are men and 4% are non binary.

Martha Wardrop said:

“Greens have campaigned for decades for those in power to wake up to the climate emergency. We’ve won that argument now - only the hardest of the hard right continue to deny climate science. But from the failure of COP26, to the half-hearted, ‘Green when it suits them’ attitude of other parties, it’s clear that when it comes to taking the bold and radical action needed, it’s still only the Greens who can be trusted to deliver.

“Even more importantly, it’s only Greens who know that it’s the unfairness of our economy that’s really to blame. In Glasgow, as around the world, it’s the richest few who are responsible for causing most of the damage, but it’s those with the least who are most affected by climate change.

“Climate change is unfair, and it’s why we need climate justice now. A vote for your local Scottish Green candidate on 5th May is a vote for the urgent action needed for a greener and fairer Glasgow.” 

Jon Molyneux added:

“Green councillors will work tirelessly for our local communities as well as for a greener and fairer Glasgow.

“Voters can trust the Greens to deliver for Glasgow because our track record shows the positive difference even a small group of Green councillors can make.

“Whether that’s leading the council’s response to the climate emergency and setting its 2030 net zero target, securing the funding that reopened all of our libraries, or putting tenants in charge of rent reform, we’ve shown that Green votes really do make an impact.

“With more Greens in the council, that positive difference will just keep getting bigger.”

Full list of Scottish Green Party candidates:

Ward 1 (Linn): Keith Warwick

Ward 2 (Newlands / Auldburn): Leòdhas Massie

Ward 3 (Greater Pollok): Chris McFadyen

Ward 4 (Cardonald): Ellie Gomersall

Ward 5 (Govan): Dan Hutchison

Ward 6 (Pollokshields): Jon Molyneux

Ward 7 (Langside): Holly Bruce

Ward 8 (Southside Central): Elaine Gallagher

Ward 9 (Calton): Kate Samuels

Ward 10 (Anderson / City / Yorkhill): Christy Mearns

Ward 11 (Hillhead): Martha Wardrop

Ward 12 (Victoria Park): Lana Reid-McConnell

Ward 13 (Garscadden / Scotstounhill): John Hamelink

Ward 14 (Drumchapel / Anniesland): Duncan Webford

Ward 15 (Maryhill): Amy Irene Marquez

Ward 16 (Canal): Seonad Hoy

Ward 17 (Springburn / Robroyston): Madeleine Guthrie

Ward 18 (East Centre): Hannah Smith

Ward 19 (Shettleston): Julie Christie

Ward 20 (Baillieston): Ryan Kelly

Ward 21 (North East): Iain McLarty

Ward 22 (Dennistoun): Anthony Carroll

Ward 23 (Partick East / Kelvindale): Blair Anderson

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