Glasgow Greens Launch Local Election Manifesto

Glasgow Green Party candidates today launched their manifesto for local elections, A Greener Glasgow is a Fairer Glasgow, saying that electing more Green councillors is needed to tackle the climate emergency and improve lives.

The Greens are contesting all of Glasgow's 23 wards at the election on 5th May and are aiming to improve on their record result of seven councillors in 2017.

Martha Wardrop said:

"The climate emergency is the greatest challenge we all face, but it's not too late to make a difference. Green councillors have led the Council in setting a 2030 net zero target, but now we must deliver action and support climate justice.

"Greens are already doing that in government - with free bus travel for under 22s and record investment in recycling and nature restoration. 

"Electing more Green councillors on 5th May will mean we can bring that urgency into the Council too, and show that a greener Glasgow is a fairer Glasgow."

Jon Molyneux added:

“Our manifesto is a comprehensive plan for a greener and fairer Glasgow, ensuring that everything the Council does contributes to that goal. 

“Everyone voting Green on 5th May can be sure that Green councillors will work flat out to deliver our plan and get results. We’ve shown that in the last five years - securing the city’s 2030 net zero target, despite the SNP opposing that at first. We’ve also guaranteed the funding to reopen every library, ended a ten-year pay freeze for foster carers, and delivered millions of pounds of investment in local neighbourhoods.

"By giving your first vote for your local Scottish Greens candidate you can make that positive impact even bigger."

Photo Credit: Christian Gamauf