Fife Council’s money is helping to fuel the climate crisis. Over £70m of the council pension fund is invested in fossil fuel companies. Write to Fife’s Councillors today and ask them to stop funding climate-wrecking companies and instead invest in clean, green industries of the future.


On Tuesday 15 June 2021,  Fife Councillors will discuss a motion to explore reducing or ending Fife Council Pension fund’s investment in fossil fuels.  This follows the Council declaring a climate emergency in 2019, thereby acknowledging that carbon emissions must be reduced to net zero in order to prevent catastrophic climate warming.

Other councils, including Glasgow City Council, are leading the way in Scotland and have started to take steps towards divestment from fossil fuels.  We’re calling on Fife council to follow suit, and demonstrate it is taking its own declaration of a Climate Emergency seriously.

As some of the largest investors in the world, pension funds have a profound capacity to shape the future we retire into. It’s time to make Fife fossil-free, and for our local council to stop investing in companies fuelling the climate crisis.

Write to members of the Fife Council Superannuation Fund and Pensions Committee

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