In October 2023, the Scottish Greens secured a landmark scheme to scrap peak time rail fares on ScotRail services.

These cheaper rail fares have already helped thousands of people across the country to switch away from private cars to greener, cleaner public transport.

The trial has been backed by Scotland’s rail unions and the STUC, who called peak time fares an ‘unfair tax on workers’. 

With a change of First Minister and the end of this pilot scheme upcoming, we are calling on the Cabinet Secretary for Transport to remove peak time rail fares in Scotland permanently.

Every pound saved on a commute is money that can instead go towards fending off the Tory cost-of-living crisis. These cheaper, greener rail fares have already helped give drivers a reason to leave their cars at home and try the train instead.

Join us in calling for the Scottish Government to step up and take action on the climate and cost-of-living crises by permanently scrapping peak-time rail fares.

Tell the Scottish Government to end peak rail fares for good

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