Dunfermline and Alloa are only 14 miles apart, but to get a train between them would take two hours and two changes. Incredibly, there is already a  Dunfermline to Alloa railway connection sitting unused. It runs via Kincardine and the Forth coast and used to be used for freight deliveries to the Longannet power station. Reopening the line to passenger services would restore public transport links between Fife and Clackmannanshire, and radically improve public transport options in West Fife. It could open up the area for tourists, provide affordable, quick and low-carbon commuting for local people, and increase opportunities for studying at the region’s colleges and Stirling University. Please sign the petition and together we can show Transport Scotland that local communities want this line re-opened urgently.

Historically there has been strong social, economic and family ties between Clackmannanshire and West Fife, but our current public transport system doesn’t reflect that. There is only one bus an hour between Dunfermline to Alloa, taking over an hour to complete its journey, and this seriously impacts people’s options for where the work or study or how people visit the area.

We’re living in a climate emergency and need to be exploring all options to get people out of private cars and onto low-carbon public transport. West Fife and Clackmannanshire also desperately need more investment in an area that has suffered from the closure of coal-based industries in recent years with no long-term planning for what would come next.

The Scottish Green MSPs won an additional £5m for rail reopenings in this year's budget. With work underway already to electrify the line for the Talgo factory, we're calling for this money to be invested in a passenger service all the way to Dunfermline, and new stations at Clackmannan and Kincardine

A rail line could transform local communities like Clackmannan village, making the area an attractive place to live and work, and allowing young people to stay in their communities instead of moving away for study or work. It could also prove to be a significant rail link for freight, taking thousands of diesel lorries off our road each year, reducing our emissions and making the air in our towns and villages cleaner for all.

We’re calling for Transport Scotland to urgently reopen the line for passengers, with the aim of a regular passenger service between Alloa and Dunfermline, and onward links to Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Green MSPs have already secured the funding, but now we need to demonstrate strong local support for a passenger service and new station. Please sign this petition and we can send Transport Scotland a powerful message that we want the reopening of this line prioritised now.

We call on Transport Scotland to reopen the Dunfermline to Alloa railway line, and provide a passenger service for the communities of West Fife and Clackmannanshire.

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